Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClownBasket?
ClownBasket is the place for original songwriters and musicians to share their own music with the world. It is the place for music lovers who appreciate original music. Finally, songwriters have a forum to share their original music with a broad fan base through the ClownBasket website.

What’s in it for Songwriters?
In short – Exposure. ClownBasket is very different than most music sites out there. The goal of ClownBasket is to advance your music. Get your songs out there for people to enjoy. Some bands will use ClownBasket to push their music in order to drive traffic to their live music performances. Some songwriters will use ClownBasket to test and enhance their music. Some artists will prefer to upload only a handful of their original songs, and use other forums to advance their music sales. And some of us members are washed up musicians who are no longer “living the dream” and yet still have music that we want to share. There are many ways that you, as songwriter, can use ClownBasket. However, most artists would agree that exposure is the key to their success in the music industry. Upload your original songs and let the rest of us get exposed to what you have created!

What’s in it for Poets?
Similar to the Songwriter, Poets get exposure for their written art. Furthermore, you poems can become the Lyrics for someone’s song. Many songwriters are looking for good poems. Some songwriters start with a poem and build the music to match. Some start with the music and apply lyrics. Either way, songwriters always like good lyrics.

Is Log In required?
You don’t need to be a registered user/member to listen to ClownBasket music. Just visit ClownBasket anytime, listen to songs that you like and you don’t need to do anything else. However, you will need to Log In (register) if you would like to download songs, upload songs, write comments, create your favorites list, playlists, create and managing your band profile, etc.

How do I Upload songs?
The first step to uploading your original songs is the Log In (register). The second step is to have a band. You can only upload songs if you are a member (with upload permissions – more on that later) of any existing ClownBasket band or if you create a new band in ClownBasket. A band can be a single person or a group of people. The easiest way to get started is to simply create a new band. Once you have created your band you can click on the upload songs tab and start uploading songs under this band name. You can create as many bands as you like. The person who creates the band is called “Creator” of the band. This person will have the highest authority in the ClownBasket band and will have the permission to add band members. The band “Creator” also determines if other band members have permission to add/remove other band members and upload songs. The creator will be the one managing the band’s page, and band members.

Can I upload songs I downloaded from other places, songs that I purchased?
No. Please never do that. ClownBasket is all about songwriters and their original music.

How do I upload my original songs/music to social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace?
With your original music uploaded to ClownBasket, you can very easily upload those songs to your favorite social networking site like FaceBook, MySpace, etc. Simply go to the Song Page for the specific song you want to embed and look for the “Embed or Bookmark this song” section near the bottom of the page. Click on the social networking site that you want and follow the simple steps. The nice part is that once your song is in ClownBasket, you can easily upload/embed that song in multiple social networking sites. Why stop with one!

Ok, what do you mean by original?
You wrote the lyrics/poems and composed the music. If the lyrics/poems or the music are currently under a copyright (either true copyright or even a poor man’s copyright), then your music is likely not original. Let’s face it – true songwriters know what original music is. If you don’t know, you probably should think twice about uploading…

What is a “cover”?
A Cover is best defined as: In short, a cover is a “remake” of a commercially available song.

Can I upload a covered song?
No. Not unless it is a ClownBasket Cover.

What is a ClownBasket Cover?
A ClownBasket Cover is covering an original song that is uploaded in ClownBasket. Some ClownBasket members will allow you to cover their original songs.

What is the Play-All App?
The Play-All App allows you to randomly play songs selected from either: 1. the entire ClownBasket inventory of songs, 2. your personally customized favorites list, or 3. your personally customized playlist(s). The Play-All feature will launch a new window that will automatically play songs randomly. Great for background music!

How do I create my band in ClownBasket?
Once you signed up in ClownBasket, click on the link “Create Band” of left hand side menu and you will be taken to a page where you can provide your band name, details, etc. The person who creates the band is called “Creator” of the band. This person will have the highest authority in the ClownBasket band and will have the permission to add band members. The band “Creator” also determines if other band members have permission to add/remove other band members and upload songs. The creator will be the one managing the band’s page, and band members.

How do I add and manage band members?
Click “My Bands” on your left side menu and you will be presented with a list of bands of which you are either a member or you are the creator. Click on “Manage Band Members” little icon and you will be presented with a page to add and manage your band members.

What kind of permissions will the Band Members have within their ClownBasket Band?
The “Creator” of the band (whoever created it within ClownBasket) will have the highest level of permission for editing the band details page, adding/removing members, and providing/changing upload permissions for each band member under that band name. Simply, the creator of the band will decide what kind of permissions to give to each band members.

How do I invite my friends to ClownBasket?
There are two kinds of invites you can send from ClownBasket. The first one is a general invite that you can send to your friends inviting them to join ClownBasket. Just click on the word Invite on the left of the main screen once you have Logged In. The second type of invite occurs when a “Creator” of the band adds a band member to their band. Any band member added that is not a registered ClownBasket user will get an invite email. All band invitees are given the choice to accept or reject the invitation to any band, regardless of whether or not they sign up as a ClownBasket member.

What about copyrights?
We are strict about copyrights. No one wants copyright violations, especially you. Please only upload original music. Please look at our
Guidelines, Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service pages before you start using ClownBasket.

What do you do with user’s information that you collect and do you sell it to third parties?
We do not use user information for any purpose other than communicating with users about upcoming services, system updates and any other notifications. We do not sell or share any user information to any third parties.

What to do if something is missing in ClownBasket or if you have an issue with the website?
Use our feedback form to write your comments, issues, and appreciations back to us.

—The ClownBasket Team